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 JessieJessie Gm's Application

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PostSubject: JessieJessie Gm's Application   Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:00 pm

Name :
Jessie C

Time zone:
CET, CEST Central Europe Time


What kind of experience do you have with being a gm?:
I have alot alot of experience , I have owned 5 servers ( With an average of 250 + online ). I've quit hosting my server because I had to do alot of stuff for school.
Besides I have owned my server I have been Co - Owner Twice , 23x Admin , 19x GM. And I have been coder for alot of servers I didn't count that one.

Why you think you should be a gm and not anyone else:
I think because I got alot of experience .
I don't abuse my powers and for me thats an important one .
I help people , I'm a really good advertiser. And alot of people tell me I'm a nice girl.

What can you bring to the servers:
I played alot on v.62 servers , I have played like 2 weeks on a v.75 server ( It was SHIT. )
So I saw this server on Gtop100 I think and thought lets try a v.83 !
And from the beginning I was excided !

How long have you been playing the server:
I'm on this server for like 2 weeks / 3 weeks.

Do you have any Skills as in Java Coding/GFX/PHP?:
Yes, I do have skills in Java coding , GFX and PHP .
I have coded alot of npc's maps and alot of that such a things.
With my PHP I'm learning it but I can do alot already.
And GFX is my hobby here a few examples :

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PostSubject: Re: JessieJessie Gm's Application   Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:02 pm

good luck
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PostSubject: weird.   Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:37 am

Does gm's / admins even look at all gm apps ?

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PostSubject: Re: JessieJessie Gm's Application   

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JessieJessie Gm's Application
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