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 Sugar's GM App.

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PostSubject: Sugar's GM App.   Sat Jul 17, 2010 12:04 pm

Time zone:
PST Pacific Time. GMT -7 I believe
What kind of experience do you have with being a gm:
I have experience with helping players and all the GM commands.
I have GM'ed in a few servers.
JuicyMS and NorthMS

Why you think you should be a gm and not anyone else:
I should be a GM because I'm the better choice. I am very talkative, outgoing and spontaneous. All traits that would benefit the communication between GMs and players.
What can you bring to the servers:
I will bring my best to fulfill my duty as a GM. I will keep players entertained and following the rules.
How long have you been playing the server:
2-3weeks ago.
Do you have any Skills as in Java Coding/GFX/PHP?:
I have skills in GFX. Photoshop <3
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Sugar's GM App.
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