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 [GM APP] Benji

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PostSubject: [GM APP] Benji   Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:25 pm

Personal Information
-Name: Tru or Benji, whatever floats your boat.
-Age: 13.
-In-Game Name: Benji
-Country & Timezone: GMT Central Time.

-Experiences: I've been an intern for BankaiMS, and was an administrator for BerserkMS.
-Developing Skills: I've gotta say that I'm pretty good at GFXing. I can somewhat code, but I'm still learning in each category. I can help with both.
-Why do you want to be a Staff Member: I will help newcomers take the first step into the best private server ever.I know almost everything about this server.I will also help players with what they may ask/request. I will keep the server free of ToS abusers. ( hacking, harassment, ksing. etc.) I am familiar with all the commands too. And, I'll do events occasionally.
-How long have you been playing: I've been playing CerealMS the second day it came out. So yeah, awhile.
-What can you bring to CerealMS: I can donate, keep the server clean as mentioned earlier. I can bring fun and bring even more and more people to CerealMS afterall, I've invited 19 people so far. I will help the CerealMS community growing and active.

Extra Info (Optional):
Write a short summary of yourself with more than 10 words & less then 50:.. I'm a pretty funny dude. My MSN is gahitstru@hotmail.com. I have nothing else to say. Thanks for taking your time and looking at my application. I like to speak like a fob, and... like to keep things short and sweet. G'day.
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[GM APP] Benji
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