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 Berserker's GM Application

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PostSubject: Berserker's GM Application   Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:57 pm

Age: 21

Time zone: GMT -6

IGN: Berserker

What kind of experience do you have with being a gm: I have no experience. But i want to start my GM profile in this great server =)

Why you think you should be a gm and not anyone else: Because i have good moral and ethics, im serious when the situation needs seriousness and im fun when the situation needs fun. I've been helping people most of the time when i am on, trying to do my best to answer their questions, i have also been online at the website where all members go and get mad at the staff and when i'm not even a GM i have been trying to calm them and telling them that the staff can not be 24/7 supporting every single problem that they have. i am very enthusiastic and i am online most of the time trying to help members, at least calming them and trying to make them understand. i take serious actions when i penalize ilegal actions... i do not know if that is a good thing for you guys... But when administrating a server is about i am very serious since there is money involved. That is what i think and i hope you guys pick me =) because i will be helping 24/7 Very Happy or at least make me a moderator at the chat so i can help them through the website, banning and stuff =). i have been playing alot of PS and i am bored "playing" now i want to help and give fun to everyone Very Happy i also will take this like a "Job" since there is alot of rensponsability involved Very Happy.

What can you bring to the servers: A GM that can help with most of the problems related to gameplay, making new events and doing events that already exist, try to make the server the most fun that it can be Very Happy

How long have you been playing the server: mmm... i am not quiet sure but i have been playing for like 3 weeks or so.

Do you have any Skills as in Java Coding/GFX/PHP?: No i do not, sorry D:
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Berserker's GM Application
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